My Espresso Maker is My Best Friend Every Morning


When I do wake up, it is all groggy and unseeing. That said, there are few things I want to see in the morning and the very first would be my automatic drip coffee machine. The single best coffee producer in the world, second only to the holy grail. There is no denying all we want in the morning is a cup of freshly refined coffee and apparently I found the best way of doing it having gone through various coffee makers. I want to find my cup waiting for me when I wake up and that is just what you would expect to find with the automatic drip coffee machine. So what would I be looking for in event I find myself in need of one. well, one would have to know what to look for and read espresso maker reviews. On a personal note my first consideration would be the brew speed, decent water filtration system, how easy it is to use, serving size, ability to clean easy and of course the appearance.

This is a machine to be found in every home and I expect, in every hotel room. And I doubt there is a human to be found not addicted to this heavenly liquid. Whether you work for a living or are basically a soccer mum, coffee really is the answer. Not only to the various pressures and stresses in our ever more dynamic world but also to the quieter moments in our lives where we only need to sit back and meditate. Now that we have one at my work place, work has become my second most favorite place to be. Just kidding, it hasn’t but it surely has become more tolerable. Being that there are coffee machines everywhere conceivable I think that the most important places in our lives should be equipped with things we need most, maybe a charging port, WiFi and quite possibly a good espresso maker. As an I.T specialist I could survive on this three for days without a break. Not that it is advisable others, I wouldn’t especially recommend it.

Not one of us would like going through a day without coffee and that is why I would definitely recommend the various espresso makers to automatic drip coffee machines. Its not that my life revolves around coffee but I have found it is an integral part of my being, defining the way I handle my day. So goodbye and good luck to you fellow coffee drinkers