Our Mission is to Improve the Farrier Profession

Our member farriers and veterinarians are dedicated to:

  • Developing and documenting the art and science of farriery in a Formal Body of Knowledge.
  • Providing a method of insuring that farrier education advances with the science of farriery.
  • Independently testing and certifying the knowledge and skill of farriers based upon our Formal Body of Knowledge.
  • Ensuring that our individual members continue their education and professional development throughout their careers.

Guild registration is a voluntary program through which qualified farriers may obtain a formal credential indicating that they meet a meaningful standard of professional competence as determined by technical knowledge and practical skills examinations, length of field experience, and other factors.

The minimum qualification for entering the Guild registry is the Registered Farrier™ (RF™) credential. Horse owners are encouraged to seek out Guild farriers in order to assure themselves of finding a fully competent farrier. All Guild registry members are professional farriers meeting the Registered Farrier™ (RF™), Registered Journeyman Farrier™ (RJF™) or Registered Master Farrier™ (RMF™) standards.