Why I cannot live without my rice cooker!

If someone asked me to list out the kitchen gadgets I cannot live without, my Panasonic Rice-Cooker will definitely top the list. This regularly used item might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but for me, it is a savior.


We women these days have adopted the role of Superwomen, handling multiple things at once. We have the daily chores to deal with, the kids and husband to manage, and the food to be prepared. Add to these things, the need for healthy cooking. A good rice cooker is a perfect gadget for the multitasking women who face these tasks.

Rice cooker saves me from the need of standing beside the bubbling pot and constantly stirring the ingredients. It frees my time so I can focus on the side dish I need along with my rice (Yes, I am fussy that way!) I can measure and put the rice in the rice cooker and forget about it. The biggest advantage of the rice cooker is that if I have followed the instructions, my rice will never burn. Not only this, the rice cooker will also keep the rice warm.

From simple boiled rice to creamy biryani to risotto, this gadget is perfect for all these dishes. For a person like me who eats rice twice or thrice a week, it is a necessity. Icing on the top is that I can also steam vegetables (or eggs or fish or whatever else that can be steamed) without using extra energy.

Many people like me are in love with their rice cookers. A friend of mine lives in a hostel room and cooks all her food in her great looking rice-cooker. Not only this, she carries her rice cooker whenever she is traveling so she can cook her own vegetarian food anywhere she wants. Rice cooker can be used for other purposes as well. I have not tried this myself, but I have heard it being used for making a loaf of bread and cakes. My experience with rice cooker is limited to jasmine rice, wild rice, risotto, bibimbap, and biryani. But I think if one has Zojirushi rice cooker with its huge array of settings, the range of dishes that one can cook will be much more than my simple fare. You can use them for variety of dishes, without getting worried about overcooked rice.

Are you also in love with your rice-cooker? What are the dishes that you have cooked with it?